Facts and figures

Groundbreaking patent-pending invention – multi-flexible portable photovoltaic system

From delivery to operation takes about an hour and the green transition is underway.

From set-up to operational in approximately 30 minutes.

Suitable for shanty towns, construction sites, festivals, relocations and the like. With this plant, you can easily and quickly meet future demands for sustainable energy and contribute to the green transition. At the same time, you can sell the excess electricity production.

The system is a win-win for both the company and the environment.

  • One installation reduces the climate impact by approximately 1,200 kg. C02 (8kW system).
  • Can be transported on a trailer, truck or in a 20′ container…
  • Direct sale of your surplus electricity.
  • Option for larger battery pack.
  • Flexible placement on solid surfaces.
  • Fully galvanized base.
  • 12-year warranty on solar panels.
  • When placed between containers, for example, a covered work area is created.

The design of the system makes it extremely easy to move it from place to place, so the green transition always follows.

Dimensions and weight

Length – 5,359 mm + electrical panel 450 mm.
(the electrical panel is 450 x 950 mm and with a height of 906 mm)
Width: 2,275 mm.
Height: 2,059 mm.

Length 5,359 mm + (electrical panel 450 x 950 mm).
Width 8,335 mm.
Height 961 mm.

Total weight incl. inverter, battery and cabinet – 2,300 kg.